Report an Ethics Concern

Zafin is committed to the highest levels of corporate citizenship. We expect all interactions with stakeholders to proceed with the highest standards of ethics, integrity, honesty, fairness and professionalism.

Every member of the Zafin team is held equally accountable to maintaining these standards, including our Board of Directors, leadership team and each of our employees.

What to Report

We invite all our stakeholders, external and internal, to report any and all ethical concerns. This will help to ensure consistently exemplary corporate citizenship.

We commit to thoroughly evaluating concerns raised, with protection absolutely no retaliation of any kind. All complaints received will be kept confidential and we will make every effort to keep your identity concealed. If you prefer to report a concern anonymously, you may do so.

What Not to Report

This reporting system does not replace other methods and channels that you are using to communicate with Zafin. Please first report any concerns you may have via your primary point of contact at Zafin. Use this reporting system to report only concerns which you are not comfortable communicating via customary channels, or which need to be immediately escalated due to the nature of the incident.

Your Confidentiality is Ensured

This reporting system is designed to ensure confidentiality. If you wish to remain anonymous, you will remain so, except if you are reporting from certain European countries where anonymous reporting of certain matters may be discouraged.

There Will Be No Retaliation

All Zafin employees and stakeholders are protected against retaliation or reprisal for raising any good faith complaint or report. Further, all Zafin employees and stakeholders are protected against retaliation for any assistance they may provide in supporting investigation of a complaint.


Any complaint made will be promptly acknowledged (unless made anonymously) and investigated for appropriate action as outlined in Zafin’s Complaints Procedure.